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USA Bodysurfing

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Inaugural USA BodySurfing Contest in Huntington Beach

February 11, 2022, Huntington Beach Pier,

MEN Under 45 finalists. All from Hawaii on team Da FiN Hawaii. USA BodySurfing. Huntington Beach, CA. February 11, 2022 L-R: Kaneali'i Wilcox (4th), Dane Torres (3rd), Keali'i Punley (2nd), Wyatt Yee (1st). (Photo by Ryan Masters)

USA BodySurfing launched it's inaugural contest this past Friday, February 11, 2022 in Huntington. This was the first of three USA BodySurfing contests scheduled to operate in co-location with USA Surfing events in 2022.

The conditions were ideal for competitors and spectators. Consistent 2-4 foot waves with no wind and sunny skies prevailed all day.

Five divisions of competition included:

Men 45 & Over

Men Under 45

Women 18 & Over

Girls Under 18

Boys Under 18

The top four finalists in each division received awards. All competitors will be included in seasonal rankings.

Team Da Fin Hawaii swept the finals of the Men's Under 45 division, Wyatt Yee won first place in a close final heat with his Hawaiian teammates Kealii Punley (2nd), Dane Torres (3rd), and Kanealii Wilcox (4th).

Each division awarded team points to the top four finalists.

The Del Mar women were the big difference in leading the DMBC to team victory over team Da Fin Hawaii In the Women 18 & Over three of the four finalists represented the Del Mar team. In addition to Meredith Rose in 1st place, Sunny Rickard was 3rd, and Scotti Shafer was 4th. Calla Allison was 2nd .

Greg Wilkinson (1st place in Men 45 & over) was joined in the top four of the division with Del Mar teammate Mark Drewelow (3rd). Brett Templeman from Ventura placed 2nd. Famous Hawaiian bodysurfer on team Da Fin, Mark Cunningham, finished in 4th .

Gabby Bigler of Del Mar (13 years-old) edged out Olivia Dillon from Santa Cruz to win top honors in Girls Under 18.

USA BodySurfing is now planning for the next contest on April 22 in San Clements (T Street). Sponsorship opportunities exist for all local and national entities. Sponsors and contributors and can contact for further details. USA BodySurfing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all individual donations are tax deductible.

Competitor Registration for future contests will be available on STACT app in March.

Final Results

USA BodySurfing contest

Huntington Beach

February 11, 2022

WOMEN Over 17

1. Meredith Rose (Del Mar)

2. Calla Allison (Pine Street-Carlsbad)

3. Sunny Rickard (Del Mar)

4. Scotti Shafer (Del Mar)

MEN 45 & Over

1. Greg Wilkinson (Del Mar)

2. Brett Templeman (South Jetty Swells-Ventura)

3. Mark Drewelow (Del Mar)

4. Mark Cunningham (Da Fin HAWAII)

MEN Under 45

1. Wyat Yee (Da Fin Hawaii)

2. Kealii Punley (Da Fin Hawaii)

3. Dane Torres (Da Fin Hawaii)

4. Kanealii Wilcox (Da Fin Hawaii)

Girls Under 18

1. Gabby Bigler (Del Mar)

2. Olivia Dillon (Santa Cruz)

Boys Under 18

1. Steven Leste (Las Oladores-Oceanside)

2. Tyler Hearst (South Jetty Swells-Ventura)

3. Andrew Leste ( Las Oladores-Oceanside)

4. Brayden Brisbois (Pine Street-Carlsbad)


1. Del Mar 170

2. Da Fin Hawaii 110

3. South Jetty Swells 60

3. Las Oladores 60

4. Pine Street 40

6. Santa Cruz 30

Xavier Vallarta at the USA BodySurfing contest in Huntington Beach. February 11, 2022. (photo by Bill Schildge)

Thomas Gomes at the USA BodySurfing contest in Huntington Beach. February 11, 2022. (photo by Bill Schildge)

Mark Drewelow at the USA BodySurfing contest in Huntington Beach. February 11, 2022. (photo by Bill Schildge)

Gabriella Bigler of the DMBC (13 years-old). 1 st Place in Girls Under 18. Huntington Beach USA BodySurfing contest. (photo – Vince Askey)

Mereidth Rose of the Del Mar team, 1st place Women Over 17. Huntington Beach USA BodySurfing contest. (photo – Adam Crane)

Men's 45 & Over finalists in the USA BodySurfing contest in Huntington Beach. L-R: Greg Wilkinson 1st (Del Mar), Brett Templeman 2nd (Ventura), Mark Drewelow 3rd (Del Mar), Mark Cunningham 4th (Hawaii). (photo – Ryan Masters)

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