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Julio Cesar Gorena

A little introduction to bodysurfing in Iquique, Chile with @jc_gorena

Hello, my name is Julio Cesar Gorena. I am a former fisherman and spearfishing lifeguard and I'm from Iquique, Chile.

Bodysurfing in my country has more fans every day, as well as in the handboard capacity. Although these sports taken to competition are new in my country, there is an ever-improving level, very good athletes, and the level is gaining a better pace.

I am currently 40 years old and I am one of the pioneering precursors of bodysurfing in Chile. I have been sponsored by a brand of Brazilian handboards for 4 years. which fills me with pride since Brazil is a highly culturalized country in surfing in general, they have noticed my surfing.

So, greetings friends, come to Chile whenever you want, my house is your house where you always eat good fresh fish.


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